Sumec Firman Generator - SPG2500

Product DescriptionThe Sumec Firman SPG 2500 is a cost effective generator for your home or small business. Sumec Firman SPG 2500 is a value for money Power Factor, Noise Level, Fuel Tank capacity and overload protection.About the Brand Sumec Firman Manual Generator is exactly what you need in your .....

Sumec ECO 3990ES Generator With Kick Start Battery And Two Wheels.

Key FeaturesHigh QualityDurableMaximum Utility.....

Sumec Firman 1.2KVA Petrol Generating set

Product DescriptionThe Sumec Firman ECO1990 1.2KVA (Manual) Generator is designed to offer you high performance in generating power when the main source of power is interrupted‎.‎ The generator provides you with kilowatts of electricity that powers your household appliances‎.‎ The fuel tank comes wi.....